Demo 2014

by Blindside USA

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released October 17, 2014



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Blindside USA Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Hardcore.


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Track Name: Intro/Do You?
Where do you stand?
Snake your friends. always front the
Ink on your hand
Need to be heard. Never deserved.
Give it some rest.
Throw it all away.
Think you know what's best?
But You forgot..

Give it some rest.
Forgot what It means.
Cut the ties.
Set me free.
Don't want a part.
Don't follow through.
I won't
end up just like you

Won't end up like you
Give it time.
You'll break. It's nothing new.

Had it up to here.
Get bent For everything you do.
Track Name: Mindrot
Every single day
Building up fast
Wake up blind
Sick of life
Pressure to react

Bored of home
Pay to play
Shut it down
Stare at the screen
Endless mindrot
every single day

No fucking way

All I do is live
Track Name: Sick Ways
Your sick ways
Push me out
Twist my head off
Tryna erase
Every thought of every face
Wasted time
With someone who
Never cared about
Their worthless night
Drink it off
Pass the cup

Catch ya on the flip side
I don't need no vibes
Attitude is cool when you have nothin to hide

Your sick ways
Track Name: Drag
Drag me down with all your problems
You know I'm the only one that'll bother

Better believe I'll turn a cheek
Tolerate your bullshit for one more week.

Drag me all around.

Take your turn.
I'm here to burn.

Who cares to solve them.
I'll tolerate your problems

Track Name: Your Disease
Your disease!
Back it off.
Show some guts.
Shut em up.

Stand your own.
Fake it out.
Show some pride.
What are you about?

Always so concerned with me..
It's never what it seems to be

See you come and go
Never coming down

Overdose on luck
Never saw the point
Bottled up.

Try too hard to please.
It's your disease.